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Are You Up for The Craic on St Patricks Day?

Are you up for the craic on st patricks day?

Each year, on the 17th March, Ireland traditionally mourns the passing of its much-revered patron – Saint Patrick. Also known as the Feast of Saint Patrick, Saint Patrick’s Day began back in the 17th as a humble day of religious feasting – but now it has progressed into a celebration of epic proportions. Not just big in Ireland, St Patrick’s Day is now celebrated on a global scale. Expect plenty of culture, traditional Irish folk music, song and dance, great food, a lively atmosphere, colourful parades and a few tipples to wash it all down with. 

The Royal Are Sitting Pretty

The royal are sitting pretty

The Royals are going for a fresher, more in-touch-with-the-people approach, and the fabulous foursome chose to come together for the very first annual Royal Foundation Forum -a place to air views and set out their plans for the future. They looked young, vibrant and full of hope and enthusiasm, an image which will hopefully supersede the stiff and stuffy guise that has often gone hand-in-hand with the Royal household of old.

A New Look For Less In 2018

A new look for less in 2018

Spring is just around the corner (yes, we know that strictly speaking it is still winter – but there’s no harm looking ahead a little bit)! Spring brings with it a feeling of rejuvenation - baby lambs skipping around, daffodils blooming and the warmth of the sun.

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