Crafting Our Furniture

Built exactly as the designer imagined it

Tailor Made Just For You

We are dedicated to delivering high-quality pieces. In order to accomplish this, our skilled craftsmen use sturdy, aesthetically pleasing materials just as beautiful and functional as the original designers intended them to be.

Step 1

We select the finest materials

The greatness of mid-century furniture design is in combining ideas of craftsmanship with large-scale production. Prizes like MoMA's Low-Cost Furniture Design competition could not exist without factory technology. But the necessary innovations and difficulty in sourcing high-grade materials created a costly process. That technology is now easily replicable by our experts in cutting-edge factories. We're committed to following the specifications of original designs exactly; precisely matching materials and construction. And by working with these factories, we can offer this at a much more affordable price.

Step 2

We collaborate with the most skilled manufacturers

Without compromising our belief in fair wages and supporting skilled labour, we will produce beautiful furniture that will last long into the future. VOGA's personal involvement in our workshops and our rigid processes for ensuring quality, means you can buy with confidence. Central to our approach is building trusted relationships, so you, in turn, can trust us.

Step 3

We test our products to ensure the best quality

Whether it is high-grade cashmere from New Zealand or premium Italian leather, our approach allows the VOGA team to source the finest materials available. Then, those materials will be rigorously tested at two points within our supply chain. Each step within the process is highly organized. We understand that the quality and durability of these products is incorporated into their very design and our teams combine decades of experience producing furniture with extensive knowledge of furniture designs. This means return to technological innovations of the past matched with the industrial processes of the future.

Step 4

From our warehouse to your home

We are dedicated to bringing you the highest quality furniture at the most affordable prices. So we work directly with our factories to completely cut out the middle man and pass on the savings to you. Our number one priority is customer satisfaction so once your product has reached the end of our ridged production process, we quality check everything one final time before carefully packaging it up ready for you to enjoy.