Flag Halyard Chair

Inspired by Hans J. Wegner

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Flag Halyard Chair
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The Flag Halyard stays true to Wegner’s philosophy that a chair should look beautiful from any angle, as this chair manages to strike the balance of looking both functional and elegant, with the stainless steel frame and leather roping detail offering a sleek finish. The cushion adds comfort to the chair, making it perfect for relaxing. To soften the hard frame, why not try throwing our Icelandic Sheepskin Rug over it for as a cosy accompaniment. This chair does not come with the Icelandic sheepskin rug featured. The neck cushion is included.


Inspired by a family trip to the beach, Wegner’s original Flag Halyard Chair was made in 1950 and became one of the most iconic and influential chairs of the twentieth century. Design tributes to early modernist designers like Mies van der Rohe can be seen in the chair, which was a departure from Wegner’s trademark wood. For the Flag Halyard he used stainless steel, showing his skill and mastery of materials, as well as his design versatility. Unlike his other designs that were usually inspired by historical objects, the Halyard Chair was a departure from this as it was inspired by Wegner’s everyday life.

  • Width: 113 cm
  • Height: 81 cm
  • Depth: 107 cm
  • Packaging: 116cm x 110cm x 85cm
  • Packaging weight: 62 kg
  • Seat Height: 39 cm
  • Boxes: 1
Hans J. Wegner

About The Designer:

Hans J. Wegner

Flag Halyard Chair
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1914-2007 (Denmark)

Danish furniture designer, Hans J. Wegner was a pioneer of Organic Functionality, which seamlessly merged natural shapes with practical applications. His designs significantly contribute to the international popularity of mid-century Danish design. In his lifetime he designed over 500 different chairs, over 100 of which were put into mass production and many became design icons. His most iconic designs include the Y Chair, the CH07 Lounge Chair, the Ox Chair, the Style Hoop Chair, The Chair and the Wing Chair.

“A chair is to have no backside. It should be beautiful from all sides and angles.”

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