Navy Chair

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Navy Chair
The Product The Specs
  • Range of muted and bright colours
  • Extremely tough construction
  • Functional design at its most direct and precise

About the Wilton C. Dinges Navy Chair

Wilton C. Dinges' Navy Chair is so clear and functional it barely seems worth discussing. It is stackable, incredibly strong, designed to withstand use indoor and outdoor and in every possible situation or living space. From that extreme functionality emerges a formal grace that is unlike any other piece. The sparse geometry, subtle curvature on the legs and seat for comfort and high, broad back gives it a minimal elegance that makes it stand out from the design tradition it came from. Our version follows Dinge's requirements exactly, creating a robust and striking addition to your home that will provide style far into the future.

The story behind the Wilton C. Dinges Navy Chair

Given a brief by the United States Navy to produce a chair capable of withstanding the rigours of World War II, particularly use in space-restricted submarine environments, Wilton C. Dinges matched the brief with beauty and form. Dinges was told the chair must "withstand torpedo blasts to the side of a destroyer" and the design combined all of his architectural and engineering background. The continued success of the Navy Chair has somewhat overshadowed the designer and his brand. With something so lightweight, tough and a blend of classical forms and modernist principles, it's very easy to see why.

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