Oculus Chair

Inspired by Hans J. Wegner

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Oculus Chair
The Product The Specs
  • Prototype originally created in 1960
  • Highly sought-after, hard to find design
  • Available in Cashmere and Leather

About the Hans J. Wegner Oculus Chair

The Oculus chair takes its name from the latin word for 'eye', reflecting the shape formed in its back. And whilst it may be looking at you, you'll certainly enjoy looking at it. This chair is a stand-out piece on its own, but would also sit happily in a group, or as a companion to the likes of the Wing Chair. Our VOGA reproduction is available in soft cashmere or stylish leather, with sturdy steel legs that provide an excellent contrast to the comfy, rounded seat, balancing the overall look.

The story behind the Hans J. Wegner Oculus Chair

Hans J. Wegner once said: "A chair is never finished until someone sits in it". Well, this modern masterpiece was 50 years in the making. Designed by Wegner in 1960, at roughly the same time as he created his famous Wing and Ox Chairs, the Oculus Chair remained a prototype, never going into production. Until recently. Using Wegner's original drawings, clay model and prototype, Oculus was finally launched in 2010. Having also remained nameless up to that point, it gained its title via a competition.

  • Width: 91 cm
  • Height: 105 cm
  • Depth: 92 cm
  • Packaging: 95cm x 95cm x 110cm
  • Packaging weight: 35 kg
  • Seat Height: 45 cm
  • Boxes: 1
Hans J. Wegner

About The Designer:

Hans J. Wegner

Oculus Chair
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1914-2007 (Denmark)

Danish furniture designer, Hans J. Wegner was a pioneer of Organic Functionality, which seamlessly merged natural shapes with practical applications. His designs significantly contribute to the international popularity of mid-century Danish design. In his lifetime he designed over 500 different chairs, over 100 of which were put into mass production and many became design icons. His most iconic designs include the Y Chair, the CH07 Lounge Chair, the Ox Chair, the Style Hoop Chair, The Chair and the Wing Chair.

“A chair is to have no backside. It should be beautiful from all sides and angles.”

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